Resurrecting a long-forgotten project can be very difficult, especially when you’ve attempted to resurrect it a hundred times before. It makes you wonder: why do we give up on these projects? Some people drop them because they’ve lost the fire they had when they first started it; for others, it may be laziness or lack of time, or both.

As for me, I fall in the latter category; after a shift to a “big-boy” job and an even bigger shift to the Big Apple, I lost track of my blogging, and wound up ditching both my personal blog and Liberal DOGMA (a political blogging side project with two of my college friends). Things were still too new and unusual to me: living in a real city instead of a suburb or a college campus, having a real 9-to-5 desk job, having serious bills to pay, etc. It got a little overwhelming.

However, that was before. As of now, I have spent quite some time at my current job, and I’ve lived in New York City for two years. I think it’s time to have the 101st resurrection of my blogging project, and I would love for you to take the journey with me.

I’m not going to pigeonhole myself into one specific topic of conversation, like I did in the past – on my new little plot of Internet, anything goes.  As many of my friends know, I tend to talk about a lot of things: politics, religion, mental health, science, history, food, and music, in particular.  Each and every one of those things will eventually find its way onto this page at some point or another.  While I do have lots of opinions about lots of things, what I love more than that is lively debate.  If you think something I said is wrong, or if it’s something you don’t agree with, please let me know and tell me why – I love hearing differing opinions and talking out those differences!

I hope to have, at minimum, one post a week, most likely on Sunday evenings or very early Monday mornings.  That’ll give me time to find something to write about through the week – eventually, maybe I’ll go up to two posts a week.  The possibilities are endless!

Welcome to my soapbox – I hope you enjoy your stay.

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